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DAU METAL's core business is to supply catalyst and other materials to oil refineries. This includes; tools (packing tools, valve etc.), sealing & repair compound (maintenance of metal, coating etc.), import & export trade and other products related to maintenance and upkeep.

The products related to pipe maintenance used in the DAU METAL pipe & joint repair compound utilizes a new waterproof resin in fiber-glass tape that allows the product to be activated while underwater. As a result, there is no need to mix with other materials or calculate the rate because the resin is already included in the fiberglass tape. The fiberglass tape activates in water after about 20 seconds and will seal any damaged pipe that is wrapped with the tape. Work time is approximately 30 minutes depending upon the ambient temperature.

Both salt water and fresh water can be used as an ACTIVATOR. The pipe & joint repair compound can be used not only to prevent water leakage but also corrosion. Pipes constructed of any material can be repaired using the compound including: PVC, metal, rubber, plastic, etc. There is no smell to the product and it is non-flammable and non-toxic. The pipe & joint repair compound may also be used to coat a surface after it is prepped by sanding. When it is hardened it will not react with other chemicals such as gas, oil, diesel etc.

Out Spec Sulfur-Recycling Program
With a focus on being environmentally friendly, DAU METAL provides reliable, safe and efficient solutions to recycle and dispose properly all types of waste products. For example, DAU METAL is promoting in South Korea the Out Spec Sulfur-Recycling Program with Micro powder. The Out Spec Sulfur is generated in the processes of oil & gas refining in various kinds of industrial facilities. It contains natural impurities of various kinds which are derived from either the atmosphere, the catchment area or the soil or impurities caused by human activities. DAU METAL has developed processes to remove the various impurities in Out Spec Sulfur and which is then able to be utilized as clean sulfur in various industries.